Welcome to the official website of the MPAGB (Modern Pentathlon Association Great Britain) Yorkshire region. Navigate the website using the links above.

The Yorkshire Region of the MPAGB is a large region encompassing North, South, East and West Yorkshire

Modern pentathlon consists of five disciplines which all count towards a competitive points score to determine placing. In addition competitions are held using only some of the disciplines as follows:

Modern biathlon (run and swim),
Modern triathlon ( swim, combined run/shoot),
Modern tetrathlon ( swim, combined run/ shoot and fence) or
Modern pentathlon ( swim, combined run/ shoot, fence and ride).

Each of these have a regional qualifier, leading to a national championship

Pentathlon comprises the five sports of running, swimming, pistol shooting, fencing (epeé and horse riding (show jumping). For a description of each discipline, click on ‘Pentathlon Info’ at the top of the page. All the events have variations depending on the age of the competitors. In addition club competitions may include ‘local’ rules for ease of administration. The basis of competition is that competition times and scores are converted to points, based on published tables. Placings are established from aggregate points for all the disciplines.