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January 2019.
As most of you will know, we sadly said Goodbye to Sam at the beginning of this month and had a great day of fun training to mark the occasion.  We still hope to see Sam at events across the country and also at some of our training camps, but wish him well in his new role with Whitgift. In the meantime, our monthly training days at Bishop Burton will focus on a combination of disciplines with a variety of visiting coaches already booked, starting with run coach Jenny Meadows on 19th January.IMG_5762JPG


2018 has seen new, younger athletes attend training sessions and competitions and I feel we should see this as a positive step into the future. The introduction of the Laser Run series, an increase in Schools Biathlons, the re-emergence of taster days and the success of our satellite clubs have all had a positive impact and the future is looking brighter then it seemed a few years ago. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into developing these events and sessions and I would like to thank all of the committee members, coaches, co-ordinators and parents who have contributed to this success.

Of course events cannot be run without the good will of volunteers. Hopefully, with the emergence of the younger athletes, this will lead to more parents wanting to volunteer at events or become a member of the committee to help build the club for their young athletes. This has been a problem in the recent past, not just at Regional level but also at the larger National events, where other people, not just the regular few, need to step forward. Of course we are extremely grateful for any help that is forthcoming at our events and are always willing to hold an informal training session if people are a little unsure of, say…how to preside over a fencing piste or….how to time at the laser run. All help is gratefully accepted.

It has also been refreshing to see the emergence of the younger coaches that we have utilised at camps, ETP days and training sessions. I have been given a lot of positive feedback from these sessions and it is encouraging to note that the next generation of athletes have responded to both the ( ahem ) `more mature’ coaches and the young whippersnappers!!

I say this due to the results at National competitions and the selection of our athletes to represent their country at international events, the latest of which will be the Laser Run World Championships. I hope everyone who is making the trip has a successful, exciting time in Dublin.

Everyone should be extremely proud of what they have achieved over the last twelve months and I know that we will see more Yorkshire athletes on the podium at National events.

Finally on behalf of Yorkshire Region I would like to wish Toby Price the very best of luck at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires next month. Good luck Tobes, this is a thoroughl