Listed below are some of the forthcoming competitions to be held in our region:

  • 7th July 2019 - Yorkshire Schools Biathlon Championships
  • 14th July 2019: City Tour Laser Run to be held at York University 
  • 6th October: Regional Biathlon
  • 26th/27th October - Yorkshire Pentathlon Championships to be held at Bishop Burton College, Beverley.  Tetrathlon and Triathlon also available.
Other competitions throughout the country are listed on the Pentathlon GB website. 

All of these events, including those in our region, can now be entered online via the Sport80 Platform on the Pentathlon GB website.  If anyone needs any assistance in using the Sport80 platform, please contact Isabelle.

Yorkshire Pentathlon October 2018_ Results

Please find the results of our Pentathlon held at Bishop Burton in October. Congratulations to all of those who competed (and supported!).

U19G pent.pdf
U19B pent.pdf
U17G tri.pdf
U17G pent.pdf
U17B pent.pdf
U15G tet.pdf
U15G pent.pdf
U15B tri.pdf
U15B pent.pdf
U13G tet.pdf
U13G pent.pdf
U13B tri.pdf
U13B tet.pdf
U13B pent.pdf
U11G tri.pdf
U11B tri.pdf