Welcome to the official website of the MPAGB (Modern Pentathlon Association Great Britain) Yorkshire Region. Please navigate the website using the links above.

The Yorkshire Region of the MPAGB is a large region encompassing North, South, East and West Yorkshire

Modern Pentathlon comprises five diverse sports: swimming, fencing, riding, running and shooting. Each discipline is held separately, apart from running and shooting, which are held together in a challenging and exciting combined laser-run (formally known as the combined run-shoot), the final discipline of the competition.

Competitors gain Modern Pentathlon points across each discipline, resulting in a handicapped start for the laser-run. The winner of the competition is the person who gains the most points across all 5 disciplines. Thanks to the handicap start in the laser-run, the winner is simply the first person to cross the finish line.

In addition competitions are held using only some of the disciplines as follows:

  • Modern biathlon (run and swim),
  • Modern triathlon ( swim, combined run/shoot),
  • Modern tetrathlon ( swim, combined run/ shoot and fence) or
  • Modern pentathlon ( swim, combined run/ shoot, fence and ride).
  • Laser Run: (run and shoot)

Each of these have a regional qualifier, leading to an annual national championship.